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Providing Nurse Practitioner Services in nursing homes since 2005

Quality care. Excellent Service. Optimal Outcomes.

The PNS Advantage

“Bridging the gap between patient care and facility outcomes.”

Patient Focus

Patient Care Focused


PNS provides a dedicated, full-time practitioner(s) that is an integral part of your team. Our comprehensive model includes:

  • High Risk Care Coordination
  • Proactive Management of Chronic Conditions
  • Timely Visits for Acute Issues
  • Antibiotic Stuardship
  • Seamless transitions between settings
Experience & Expertise

Experience & Expertise


PNS has over 12 years’ experience in providing practitioner services in nursing homes. Starting this company as a licensed nursing home administrator with over 23 years’ experience in long term care, our owner has first-hand experience in the following:

  • Survey (Annual and Compliant)
  • Cost control
  • MDS
Facility Outcomes Driven

Facility Outcomes Driven


Our focus is on forming a partnership with your facility, not maximizing visits. Our model allows more time for the practitioner to focus on facility outcomes. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to improving facility outcomes. Together we can work towards:

  • Reducing Readmission Rate
  • Improving Quality Measures
  • Better Survey Outcomes