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National Senior Games Association:

The National Senior Games Association is a nonprofit Multi-Sports Council member of the United States Olympic Committee that promotes health and wellness for adults 50 and over through education, fitness and sport. NSGA governs the biennial National Senior Games, the largest qualified multi-sport event in the world for seniors. NSGA is comprised of 53 Member Games across the country and in Canada who conduct competitions which serve as qualifying events for the National Senior Games.

The 2017 National Senior Games were hosted in Birmingham in June, bringing more than 10,500 athletes age 50 and over, along with another estimated 15,000 family members and friends. Competition is held in five-year age divisions with 19 Medal Sports that are contested at 20 sport venues spread across the metropolitan area, with the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center (BJCC) as the hub of activity.

People talk about seniors the way they talked about women 50 years ago. Oh no, you shouldn’t do that, you’re too old. Have you heard it a million times? That you shouldn’t push yourself. Come on, the more you do, the more you can do. You know that. And what your doing is the best thing to change peoples lives and health.  We can change not only the health of the nation, we can change society and the world.